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  • James Ward known as Mark James T/A as Car Care Automotive Great Yarmouth Guilty of Handling Stolen Car Parts

    James Ward known as Mark James was found guilty last week for handling stolen car parts from his business called Car Care Automotive. Unit 6 Suffolk Rd Great Yarmouth.. Phone number 01493 717767
    A Subaru Impreza was stolen from High Wycombe, an area where Ward lived at the time of the theft. The car was broken up for parts by Ward. He has also set up a new business that deals with Subaru’s. The business is in Great Yarmouth, Car Care Automotive. Unit 6 Suffolk Rd. Phone number 01493 717767.
    Thames Valley Police raided Car Care Automotive on the 24/2/15 and found a few parts left from the stolen Subaru. Ward was bailed until April. On the 20/4/15 Thames Valley Police charged Ward with handling and selling stolen goods. Ward has even put parts from the stolen car onto other cars.
    On the 6/5/15 Ward pleaded guilty to breaking the Subaru, knowing it was stolen and selling it for parts.
    Anyone with a Subaru are advised to be careful dealing with the business known as Car Care Automotive at Great Yarmouth. The Court Order was made against James Mark Ward at High Wycombe Court. The Case number is 431500197216/1 6th May 2015. This article is printed in good faith from verified data and is in the interest of public awareness.The business Care Care Automotive at Yarmouth
    should not be confused with any other business with a similar name.

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Latest 15 Press Releases at Durham County Council
  • Stubbing out illegal tobacco trade
    Thousands of suspected fake cigarettes were seized in a raid in County Durham.Trading Standards officers at Durham County Council and police searched two premises in the Shildon area on Thursday (October 2) in connection with cigarettes and rolling tobacco, which were believed to be either smuggled or counterfeit.As a result two arrests were made and 122 pouches of rolling tobacco and 4,000 cigarettes were seized. The raid was the latest in a series of operations across the county aimed at tackling the supply of illicit tobacco carried out by the council’s specialist team.Joanne Waller, head of environment, health and consumer protection at Durham County Council, said: “Thanks to a wealth of intelligence from the public and honest traders we have really stepped up our action against the trade of suspected illegal tobacco.  “This type of activity not only undermines the work of the stop smoking services but also has a significant impact on honest local businesses. There is also much evidence to suggest that it increases availability and supply to young people to start smoking and has links to other criminal activity.“Anyone found guilty of supplying counterfeit tobacco could face up to 10 years in jail and unlimited fines and their assets may be seized.“Stemming the supply of cheap and illicit tobacco is an essential tool in our fight to reduce smoking harm and achieve our vision of a smoke free future for our children.”Information about illegal tobacco can be reported in confidence to Durham County Council’s Trading Standards on 03000 261016 or by emailing
  • Join the Worst Princess at County Durham libraries
    The Worst Princess is on her way to entertain youngsters at libraries across County Durham. A theatre production of the popular children’s book is touring Durham County Council libraries as part of Durham Book Festival. The performance gives young bookworms the chance to find out how the feisty princess defies expectations in a funny twist on this traditional fairy tale. Featuring puppets, live music and plenty of opportunities to sing-a-along, the Worst Princess is a raucous and wild adventure. Performances take place at the following venues: Bishop Auckland Town Hall – Monday, 6 October at 2.00pm Newton Aycliffe Library – Wednesday, 8 October at 10.00am Crook Library – Wednesday, 8 October at 2.00pm Peterlee Library – Wednesday, 15 October at 10.00am Seaham Library – Wednesday, 15 October at 2.00pm The productions is aimed at children aged seven-years-old and under and their families. Tickets are £1.00 each and should be booked in advance by contacting the venue. The Worst Princess is Carina Rodney’s adaptation of the acclaimed children’s book by Anna Kemp and Sara Ogilvie. It has been commissioned by New Writing North in association with Sage Gateshead and is supported by bait.
  • Celebrating volunteers
    Nominations are open for volunteers who have gone the extra mile to make a difference in East Durham. They will be honoured at the Volunteer Recognition Awards next month with nominations closing on 31 October.   The awards have been launched by the East Durham Area Action Partnership (AAP) and are open to individuals or groups who have made a significant contribution to making the community stronger, including general health and wellbeing.  The ceremony is at Shotton Hall, Peterlee, Wednesday 26 November and the categories are Young Volunteer (up to age 21), Individual and Group.  For more information or an application form visit: or call the AAP team on 03000 262 057 or email  

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Clifton Lodge Hotel

Clifton Lodge Hotel
210 West Wycombe Road,
High Wycombe,
Buckinghamshire,HP12 3AR
Telephone 01494 440095

Top News
Durham Council Events
  • Little Red Wagon Rock 'n' Roll Vintage Market
    Wayhey!! More Little Red Wagon Rock 'n' Roll & Vintage Market fun at Plants 'R' Ross, Easington, Co. Durham on Sunday 19th October, 10am 'til 4pm. Vintage Market, Classic Car Meet (everyone welcome), Live Rockin' Music from The Del Rio Ramblers, Ladies Hairstyling & Gents Classic Barber, Ice Cream, Bar & Bistro! Rock 'n' Roll fun for all of the family. Only £1 entry.
  • Family Origami Sessions
    These family origami sessions are free and organised by Teikyo University, Durham
  • Tech Apprenticeships - Free Breakfast Talk
    Have you ever considered taking on an IT apprentice? The benefits of doing so are vast. Come along to this session to find out how your company can benefit from this programme. While guests enjoy their complimentary breakfast and coffee, Escalla Apprenticeship experts will cover the following topics: - Outline of apprenticeship programme - Details of the Tech Apprenticeship offer and how it is delivered - Benefit to employers and success stories There will be time for questions and networking following the presentation.
  • Pelton Remembered
    A Great War Centennial Anniversary Exhibition
  • Are there Giraffe in Madagascar?
    An illustrated talk on the wildlife and culture of Madagascar by Alison Smith and Dave Bottoms, in aid of St Mary's Church, Hutton Magna.
  • Gallery Talk
    Join the Museum’s Keeper of Textiles, Joanna Hashagen, in the Fashion & Textile Gallery for a talk about this stunning exhibition, which celebrates the art of the plumier and feathers in fashion and haute couture.
  • Gallery Talk
    Join the Museum’s Keeper of Textiles, Joanna Hashagen, in the Fashion & Textile Gallery for a talk about this stunning exhibition, which celebrates the art of the plumier and feathers in fashion and haute couture.
  • Gallery Talk
    Join the Museum’s Keeper of Textiles, Joanna Hashagen, in the Fashion & Textile Gallery for a talk about this stunning exhibition, which celebrates the art of the plumier and feathers in fashion and haute couture.
  • Gallery Talk
    Join the Museum’s Keeper of Textiles, Joanna Hashagen, in the Fashion & Textile Gallery for a talk about this stunning exhibition, which celebrates the art of the plumier and feathers in fashion and haute couture.
  • Gallery Talk
    Join the Museum’s Keeper of Textiles, Joanna Hashagen, in the Fashion & Textile Gallery for a talk about this stunning exhibition, which celebrates the art of the plumier and feathers in fashion and haute couture.
  • Cinderella
    Spennymoor Stage and Song invites to their 2015 pantomime: Cinderella. With an array of laughter and entertainment for the whole family, we are sure you'll have a great time with us. Join us on the 14th to 17th January in Spennymoor Town Hall from 6:30pm with a matinee on Saturday starting from 2pm.
  • Black Horse Beamish Halloween Party
    Our annual Halloween Party at the Black Horse Beamish. Doors open 7pm Live music from the fantastic band 'Shotgun Hooker'. Food available on the evening Tickets £12.00 available to purchase online, over the phone or from the bar (50p booking fee for tickets bought online). £15.00 admission on the door. Please call 01207 232569 if you'd like to buy your ticket over the phone.
  • Black Horse Beamish Bonfire
    Bonfire Night at Black Horse Beamish, Durham. This year promises to be a fantastic evening of family fun. We will have several stalls organised serving delicious snacks, drinks and treats. Funfair Bonfire Firework Display at 7.15pm ***PARKING*** We ask everyone to please be sensible and park in a safe place, not blocking any vital access for emergency services. We recommend giving yourself plenty of time to find a parking space - parking is available at the Black Horse or we have additional parking in our overflow field and at Aston Workshop which is a short walk. Please follow directions from our parking attendants.
  • Robin Williamson
    In Concert Robin Williamson Co-founder of The Incredible String Band
  • Fantastic Acts!
    Riding Lights inspire with Fantastic Acts! Hilarity and vitality abound as Riding Lights Theatre Company presents Fantastic Acts! and take on the book of Acts... and beyond. In classic Riding Lights' style - with laughter, insight and vivid story-telling - Fantastic Acts! invites you to take an invigorating dip into the remarkable lives of the men and women who formed the first churches. Riding Lights is a charity and the performance has been booked by local residents For a full tour schedule visit
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  • Games Spot Reviews: Hitman Go VR Review

    Hitman Go is an excellent example of a game that takes core elements from a franchise and turns them into something wholly different, while feeling through and through like it belongs. As you solve its puzzles, you feel like you're making your way towards an assassination target, completely undetected. It's marvelous how a simple and engaging puzzle game can be nothing like its precursor yet maintain a similar spirit. It's something that carries over to virtual reality but isn't helped by it--instead, it makes a poor case for why you should play it in VR at all.

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  • Games Spot Reviews: Shadow of the Beast Review

    Those of us who read our game manuals cover to cover in the '80s were often treated to verbose backstories that help set the scene. These introductions provided context that was often missing within the game, and a deeper understanding of the hero’s motivation. In its modern reimagining of Shadow of the Beast, Heavy Spectrum brings one of these decades old text descriptions to life.

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  • Games Spot Reviews: Party Hard Review

    After a long day of work, you come home exhausted, make yourself dinner, take a quick shower, watch some television or play a video game. Then you try to get some sleep. After a few unsuccessful hours of tossing and turning, it’s already 3AM. You lie in your bed wide awake. The massive college party next door, with its obnoxious electronic music, isn't letting up. Do you complain? Do you call the cops? Nope. Instead, you put on a hockey mask, grab a butcher’s knife, and kill everyone at the party.

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  • Games Spot Reviews: Total War: Warhammer Review

    Screeching gears, rhythmic boot steps, and the soft crunch of fresh snow. These were the first notes of my invasion. I sought the Dwarfen capital of Karak Varn. The Dwarfs, hardy and resilient though they may be, were a thorn for my new allies, the green-skinned Orcs and goblins. I held my siege for weeks, and while my foes’ numbers dwindled, mine grew. After each clash, I wrenched the newly dead from the earth and added them to my fiendish, Vampire hordes. Siege engines ready, and carried yon by fresh Dwarfen zombies, I steeled my undead warriors for the final assault.

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  • In Style Fashion News Feed: From Hair Whipping To The Michael Cera, Why Willow Smith Is Everything Right Now
    Willow Smith just released your lo-fi summer soundtrack - with Michael Cera?! Here's everything you need to know about the rising star
  • Games Spot Reviews: Homefront: The Revolution Review

    Somewhere within Homefront: The Revolution--beneath the choppy framerate, the hackneyed narrative, and the half-explored mechanics that are hastily introduced then forgotten just as quickly--exists a solid, cinematic shooter. All the ingredients are there. It casts players as American resistance fighters--outmanned and outgunned, but resourceful and resilient--which naturally paves the way for both novel gameplay and daring political themes. Unfortunately, Homefront doesn't quite deliver on either one.

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  • In Style Fashion News Feed: 11 Reasons Why Heels Are WAY Hotter Than Flats
    Heels? Always (even on slippers). Acting Beauty Editor, Lisa Haynes puts her case forward for boycotting the flats
  • In Style Fashion News Feed: What Happened When Team InStyle Hosted An Exclusive Lunch In Cannes?
    Lady-in-the-know Karen Hockney takes us behind the scenes...
  • In Style Fashion News Feed: *Sigh* This Weather... Is A Yellow Raincoat THE New Camel Jacket? (We Think So)
    Pashing on a yellow raincoat? You aren't alone...
  • Games Spot Reviews: Doom Review

    In Doom, I see a world brimming with demons, explosions, and hellfire. I see familiar faces screaming, with bloodthirsty eyes and unwavering stares. Playing it delivers the same cathartic craze the original Doom and Doom II did in the early '90s: overwhelmed by the horrors around every turn, but empowered with an impressive collection of weapons at the ready.

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